We are excited to announce that Aseptic Group have joined the SDD™ initiative. SDD™ was established to drive dimensional standardisation in Single-Use Technologies.

The aim of SDD™ is to set an industry standard for auxiliary functions, including media and buffer storage. Robust supply chain, reduced inventory requirements and lead times are among the key benefits.  SDD™ consists of a library of 350 designs which can be produced by multiple suppliers to the same design, thereby saving time/cost on re-design. The library includes 2D and 3D bags, filter-sets, manifolds, steam-on sets, tubing, sampling sets and mixers.


This leading standardisation initiative in the pharma industry is unparalleled. PM Group is the originator of the SDD™ initiative. Aseptic Group and PM Group have signed a partnership to provide those standard assemblies to the Biopharma market.

With Aseptic Group joining SDD™, there are now six vendors who signed up to the initiative. This reduces supply chain risk for pharma end-users, thereby reducing process risk. All of this ultimately benefits the real end-users – patients – through faster speed to market.

In this COVID period, where short lead times and efficient supply chain are becoming critical challenges, why not adopt standardisation ?

Thank you to the SDD™ team for their welcome.