Documentary quality management system

We have developed a documented quality management system based on processes and procedures that enables us to set our quality targets and to reach them successfully.

We regularly review our processes and their results to make sure that they are still in line with our goals.

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Mastery of our organisation

We can count on extremely stringent operating methods:

  • Distribution and manufacturing activities are 100% on site
  • Precise management of our internal flows
  • Use of bar codes upon receipt of products
  • Total traceability for the number of each batch received and/or produced

Documentary support

All of our assemblies, components and products are delivered with all the documentary and regulatory support you need. Certificates of conformity are systematically attached to packages and can be e-mailed if necessary. We can also provide you with validation guides and various kinds of studies (extractables, releasables, etc.).

Don’t hesitate to contact our quality department for any special requests you may have.

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