Foundation of Aseptic Process Equipment, 1st company in France selling Single-Use Systems solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Photographie d’une chaîne de production


Creation of Aseptic Services to meet the needs of our customers for single-use assemblies.

Photographie d’un assemblage à usage unique


Aseptic Process Equipment and Aseptic Services join the GHT (Garlock Hygienic Technologies) division of the Enpro group.

Photographie représentant un espace de vie situé au sein de l’entreprise


Aseptic Process Equipment and Aseptic Services merge into one single legal entity: Aseptic Group SAS. Our activities remain the same.

Photograph showing single-use tubes

The development and generalisation of the use of “single use” products have truly grown over the last 15 years to meet the new challenges facing the biotechnology industry. Today, SUSs have integrated biomanufacturing units and work side-by-side with multiple-use systems (stainless steel).
Today, our Single-Use products are used in all steps of the production process, whether in the most critical phases or at the end of the process (filling), as well as during less critical steps (such as buffer preparation, culture medium or storage).