Standard Disposables Design (SDD)™ is a library of 350 assembly drawings developed by PM Group in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and suppliers. The objective of the SDD™ initiative is to standardise the design of Single-Use assemblies. Ordering pre-designed and standardised drawings increases efficiency and reduces costs during:

  • the execution of projects, reducing projects timings and costs.
  • the supply chain activities, allowing greater availability and security of standard assemblies through networks of suppliers.

The assemblies are designed to be interchangeable, providing the end user with even greater flexibility and choice. This global innovation offers huge benefits to the pharmaceutical industry by helping drugs come to market faster.

In this COVID period, where short lead times and efficient supply chain are becoming critical challenges, why not adopt standardisation ?

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Aseptic Group and PM Group have signed a partnership to provide those standard assemblies to the Biopharma market

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About PM Group

PM Group is the originator of the SDD™ initiative.

PM Group is an employee owned, international project delivery company, with operations across Europe, the USA and Asia. The Company has a 48 year track record in project management, process design, facility design and construction management for leading multinational companies. It is a world leader in the Pharma, Food, Mission Critical, Med-Tech and Advanced Manufacturing sectors.