Our values

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The ASEPTIC group is part of the Enpro group, where the safety culture is deeply engrained in the company’s basic founding values so as to create a safe, healthy work environment. Safety is therefore essential at all levels of our activities. Our goal is to provide our employees with the safest work conditions in the industry.

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A company cannot claim to be one of the best if excellence cannot be found at every level of the company and in all its functions. At Aseptic, our quest for excellence is reflected in the way we do our job every day, whether in customer service, production, sales or support.

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We believe that respect goes hand-in-hand with the personal growth of individuals and groups. Our teams work together in mutual respect, whatever their origins, nationalities or positions, thus encouraging diversity and learning from one another.

Our culture

We are dedicated to the group culture at Enpro. Our goal is to create an environment for our employees that is conducive to learning and encourages exchanges of knowledge and information to promote the independence and freedom of thought that are essential to freeing up human potential.

Enpro has launched an initiative based on a goal of Double Results, called Dual Bottom Line.

It is a philosophy in the business world that aims to give as much importance to financial results as to each individual’s achievements and well-being at each company.

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“We recognize that people are not only means, but also ends unto themselves, which means that we approach people as fellow human beings – working to expand mutual respect and the full flourishing of human possibility. Respect thrives in the diversity and differences among people and requires being an active and open learner with everyone.”
– Steve Macadam, a former CEO of Enpro

Our customer commitments

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Rigorous and demanding

Reliability and safety


Flexibility and proactiveness

Close to our customers




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