You are seeking to

Get your products to market faster

Secure your supply chain by preparing for the risk of supply disruptions

Set up dual sourcing to secure your supply chain

Improve your facility’s flexibility and availability

  • Adapt surfaces in the production areas used
  • Develop multiproduct production lines

Focus on your core business by outsourcing your assemblies

Secure your processes

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Optimise your production costs

  • Save time on preparation, transfer and training for operators
  • Increase the number of batches produced
  • Reduce production changeover time
  • Reduce cleaning costs and cleaning validation expenses
  • Reduce sterilisation costs

Simplify and streamline your supplies by reducing the number of your suppliers

Reduce maintenance costs over the long term


Reduce your financial investments

Reduce your environmental footprint

Your requirements

  • Process reliability:

Choice of components


Process qualification and validation


Quality guarantees

  • Delivery times adapted to your needs

The support of a skilled independent partner is essential.