Photograph of the Aseptic Group's pallet storage facility

High-performance logistics are a key component in the quality of our service.

You can take advantage of our total mastery of our logistics flows:

  • upstream, when we supervise the transport of our product references from their manufacturers’ sites,
  • then on site, where we perform systematic inspections of our products with identification and management using bar codes,
  • and lastly delivery to your reception site.

When we ship your order, all of our packages and pallets are carefully labelled and delivered with the necessary documentation:

  • delivery slips with your order number, quantities and product references delivered, and quantities by batch number for each product reference
  • the carrier’s delivery slips
  • certificates with product identification and traceability..
Photograph of the Aseptic Group's high-rack storage area

Do you want to split up any special logistics conditions: programmed deliveries, partial deliveries, special palletisation, VMI, etc.?

Our logistics and sales departments are here to draw up your logistics specifications with you.

We must be notified of any special requests before taking your order. Please feel free to contact us.