Pure-Fit SIB

Pure-Fit® SIB® is a smooth inner bore (SIB) hose-barb connector that provides a seamless transition between tubing and fittings throughout the fluid path.

Pure-Fit® SIB® eliminates entrapment and leak points that can occur with traditional assembly systems. The unique internal design eliminates voids or dead space that can lead to turbulence or stagnation of fluid flow creating the potential for bacterial growth.

Technical sheet Pure-Fit® SIB®


Typical applications

  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Media hydration
  • Filtration
  • Cell culture/harvest
  • Product sampling
  • Downstream activities

Features and benefits

  • Total smooth inner bore (SIB) transition design
  • Eliminates entrapment and leak points that occur with traditional fitting systems
  • Complete 360° compression along the entire fitting system
  • No excessive voids at the interface or in the fluid path
  • Utilizes the patented BarbLock retention and seal system
  • PP is gamma stable
  • PVDF is autoclaveable and gamma stable
  • All materials completely animal-free and BPA-free
  • Manufactured and packaged in a certified clean room
  • USP VI compliant
  • Validation guide available
  • Made in the USA

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