Pure-Fit Tru Valve System

The Pure-Fit® Tru Valve system features an innovative valve design that can be installed over standard flexible tubing or a finished assembly system. The superior lightweight construction allows the fluid floor to be accurately controlled with a calibrated scale on both sides to assist with validation protocols.

Pure-Fit® Tru Valve was not only designed to meter fluid flow, but also as an effective, secure method to close off and lock out a tubing system during a steam-in-place (SIP) cycle.

Technical sheet Pure-Fit® Tru Valve System


Typical applications

  • Biopharmaceutical markets
  • Pharmaceutical processes
  • Aseptic fluid transport
  • Product sampling
  • Media process systems
  • Bioreactors and fermentors
  • Sterile bag systems

Features and benefits

  • Reinforced Nylon
  • Simple to operate and install
  • Offers total flow variability
  • Butterfly mechanism allows installation over tubing and finished assemblies
  • Secure tamper-proof lockout positioning
  • Excellent temperature application range
  • Lightweight, robust design won’t unbalance your tubings
  • Complete calibrated closure system
  • Can be completely autoclaved or gamma irradiated
  • Suitable for all flexible tubing materials

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