Single-Use Pressure Sensors

Single Use Pressure Sensors™ measure static and dynamic pressure of gases and liquids in your biopharmaceutical processes – accurately and cost effectively. Robust enough to be repeatedly cleaned and inexpensive enough to be utilized in disposable applications, our Single Use Pressure Sensors™ deliver a dependable alternative to stainless steel pressure transducers. The sensors feature High Accuracy Pressure (MEMS-HAP™) Chips and are perfect for filtration and chromatography processes, monitoring of glass and disposable bioreactors, filling operations and more.

They are available in caustic-resistant polysulfone to withstand sanitization processes. Our pressure sensors, which are qualified for use up to 75 psi, are compatible with the PressureMAT™ monitor/transmitter, PendoTECH’s Process Control Systems or other pre-qualified third-party monitors, depending on the number of sensors and process requirements. The data collected by these systems can be output to a PC or another data monitoring device. They also can be integrated into other pre-qualified 3rd party pumps & monitors. The pressure sensors are very accurate in the pressure ranges typically used with flexible tubing and are qualified for use to 75 psi.

Technical sheet Single Use Pressure Sensors™



Typical applications

  • Filtration
  • Bioreactor
  • Chromatography
  • Filling operations

Features and benefits

  • Available for use with tubing from 1/8 inch to 1 inch inner diameter (for luer size see below) or a sanitary flange
  • Unobstructed flow path & no dead legs provides dramatically reduced hold-up volume versus stainless steel transducers or gauges
  • Qualified for use in the range from -7 to 75 psi
  • Compatible with gamma irradiation
  • All materials meet USP Class VI
  • Integral 12 inch cable connects to reusable monitor/ transmitter/alarm cable via molded connector
  • Each sensor is tested for quality and accuracy during manufacturing and rejected if out of specification (no calibration required)
  • Manufactured in a clean room in an FDA registered, ISO 13485 facility
  • May be repeatedly cleaned and reused
  • Low cost
  • Sensors may be autoclaved one time
  • Polycarbonate material or caustic resistant polysulfone
  • Certificate of quality included with lot certification; individual NIST
  • Calibration Certificates are optional
  • May be non-invasively tested in-place via test-port
  • Validation guide available on request

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